Taking Care of Roads and Bridges in District 2

Complete Reconstruct with Asphalt Overlay Projects

Bethel Road East of 108th.5 Tenths Mile
Indian Hills 48th to 36th1 Mile
34th and Telephone Road to I-35 Service Road (Moore).3 Tenths Mile
Lindsey East of 84th to End1 Mile
Indian Hills Broadway to Bryant.3 Tenths Mile
Franklin Road 192nd to Hope Road3 Miles
Bethel Road 108th to 96th1 Mile
96th Bethel Road to 149th1 Mile
Cedar Lane 36th to 48th1 Mile
Bethel Road West of 84th to End.6 Tenths Mile
60th Franklin to Indian Hills1 Mile
Indian Hills and 156th West to End1.5 Miles
Bethel Road 156th to 144th1 Mile
144th and Imhoff South to End1 Mile
Imhoff and 156th to 144th1 Mile
Post Oak 60th to 72nd1 Mile
Bethel Road 192nd to 180th1 Mile
192nd and 104th to 89th1 Mile
Indian Hills East of 120th1 Mile
Imhoff West of 180th.5 Mile
Banner Road 120th to 180th5 Miles
84th and Robinson North to End.2 Tenths Mile
Cedar Lane 60th to 72nd1 Mile
Rock Creek 168th to 180th1 Mile
Indian Hills West to End1 Mile
Total Complete Reconstruct Miles27.9 Miles

Asphalt Overlay Projects

Tecumseh East 192nd to End.5 Tenths Mile
Indian Hills 36th to 24th1 Mile
24th NE and Franklin to Indian Hills1 Mile
149th Harrah Road to Dobbs1 Mile
84th South of HWY 9.2 Tenths Mile
108th Franklin to Rock Creek.2 Tenths Mile
168th Rock Creek to Indian Hills.3 Tenths Mile
149th from 120th to 132nd1 Mile
149th from 156th to 144th1 Mile
Sunnylane North from Indian Hills to 119th4 Miles
Post Oak West of 156th.6 Tenths Mile
72nd Cedar Lane to Etowah2 Miles
Indian Hills 12th to 24th1 Mile
19th Street Eastern to Sunnylane2 Miles
Post Oak 72nd to 84th1 Mile
96th Post Oak to Etowah1 Mile
Imhoff 132nd to 144th1 Mile
180th Banner to Cedar Lane5 Miles
192nd HWY 9 to Lindsey2 Miles
192nd Hwy 9 to 104th9 Miles
Maguire Road 120th to 156th3 Miles
Etowah Road 120th to 156th3 Miles|
Post Oak 156th West to End.7 Tenths Mile
Cedar Lane 120th to 156th3 Miles
Franklin 192nd to 156th3 Miles
Indian Hills 156th to 192nd3 Miles
180th Rock Creek to Franklin2 Miles
Alameda 168th to 180th1 Mile
Etowah 180th to Pott Co Line2 Miles
Rock Creek Road 24th to 60th3 Miles
Western 60th Ave NW to 72nd Ave NW1 Mile
60th HWY 9 to Cedar Lane1 Mile
Cedar Lane 60th to 48th1 Mile
Alameda East of 120th.5 Tenths Mile
Total Asphalt Overlay Miles62 Miles

Chip Seal Projects

Various Miles within District 2                                                                    59 Miles

Total Chips Seal Miles                                                                             59 Miles


Various Municipality Projects

2013 Little Axe and Moore Tornados
2016 Moore Tornado Clean Up Assistance
Fair Moore Park Pond Reconstruction and Pond Build
Buck Thomas Expansion and New Parking Lot Build
Little Axe High School Track Paving
Noble Public School Built the Building Site for the Science and Arts Building
Noble Public School High School Track Site
Little Axe School High School Parking Lot Paving
Cleveland County Fairgrounds New Parking Lot Construction
Indian Hills East of 156th Concrete Box Bridge Construction

Current Road Projects

Construct 25th Street in Moore

Chip Seal Various Locations                                                                   9 Miles

Complete Reconstruction and Asphalt Overlay

156th Maguire Road to Imhoff                                                               4 Miles

Asphalt Overlay

180th from HWY 9 to Imhoff                                                                 3 Miles

Indian Hills Broadway to Sunnylane                                                          1 Mile
Franklin Road 12th Ave NW to 24th Ave NW                                            1 Mile

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